How To Stabilize Your Emotions & Calm Down Faster

Emotions will get the better of us in life. It’s hard to remain relaxed in the stress of life, and if we catch ourselves working up, it’s hard to get us back to neutral. By finding ways to calm down our feelings, we would be more able to take hold of our states and step on from difficult circumstances more clearly and productively.

People like to lock up their feelings, and this can always lead to an uncontrollable explosion until they have hit that stage of a breakout. It’s better to understand your emotional state, embrace it, affirm it, and then try to move on. If your feelings concern another person, interact with that person in a rational, level-headed tone to find a common ground. If your feelings come from personal pressures, take some time for yourself and do something that makes you feel relaxed and content.

If you are consistently unable to regulate your emotional reaction to events, it may be helpful to talk to a psychiatrist who specializes in DBT, a form of therapy that works on emotional management.

Here are eleven ways to stabilize your mood and stop your feelings in their tracks before you do something you might regret.

Acknowledge Your Thoughts

Keeping care of your thoughts and emotions, as well as validating them, will help you move on.

Unhelpful thoughts often pop into our minds without our conscious control and science is now showing that fighting against unhelpful thoughts usually only serves to amplify them and in turn magnify our emotional experience,

Tackle your concerns head-on, rather than drive them backward. When done, form your thoughts in a positive direction. 

Separate Yourself From Your Emotions

Bear in mind that you are not determined by your thoughts and emotions. 

Remind yourself that you are not your thought and that feeling aren’t facts. There is a big difference between having the thought that you’re undesirable and being undesirable.

If you let your feelings determine your heart, you’re going to feel hopeless and more likely to indulge in negativity. Be the strongest version of yourself, one that can be immune to you.

Bring Humor & Lightheartedness To Your Emotions

By making your feelings look ridiculous and light-hearted, you’re going to quench the anger and sorrow that you may feel.

Sing the thought out loud, say the thought in a cartoon character voice or write the thought on paper and make a picture out of it,

By making a lovely painting and letting your happy, playful side come through, considering the struggle you’re grappling with, you’re going to be less excited and more able to settle down.

Let Bodily Reactions Happen

Don’t freak out if you feel fear in your body. Instead, try to loosen your muscles, take a few deep breaths, and let a sense of peace take over your being. 

Instead of trying to push the sensations away, allow them to simply pass through your body like a wave,

Sweaty hands, pounding pulse, flushed face, and twitching muscles are all indicators of physical tension, so maybe putting a few ice cubes on your forehead or wrists in combination with peaceful thoughts will help your body cool down.

Don’t Judge Yourself For Being Emotional

As people, it’s normal to be emotional now and then. Take your emotions for what they are, and validate them as true feelings, without judging yourself as vulnerable. 

If you can non-judgmentally observe their presence, they will reach their peak more quickly and eventually dissipate without any effort on your behalf,

As for the amount of time it takes for strong feelings to disappear. If you appear to hate yourself, you’ll feel worse.

Take A Breather

Research shows that deep breathing can ease stressed emotions. Our bodies have been wired to have a “fight-or-flight” hormone in reaction to cortisol that is activated under stress. However, breathing will decrease the effects of cortisol, soothe our body and get us back to a clearer mental and physical condition. Follow these three breathing techniques to get a better sense of tranquility.

Cry, If You Need To

If you need to cry, there is a reason, and the tears should come out. It’s healthy to experience a full range of emotions,

A healthy lifestyle trainer, in an email interview with Bustle. If you need to, let yourself feel weak and cry. Don’t think about the mascara; just let it be. It’s better to weep on your own or in the warmth of someone you know, rather than on the street or at work, so be aware of your place.

Get Fresh Air

Experts believe that fresh air will soothe feelings as it binds us with nature and beauty and provides fresh oxygen to our lungs. Best yet? Taking a short stroll outdoors, since the exercise will provide mood-boosting endorphins and encourage good blood flow. Taking a few moments to yourself will allow you to gather your thoughts, relax your body and remove yourself from the situation.

Channel Your Emotions Into Something Positive

Allow your emotions to improve your imagination and performance

If you’re angry, try to do something constructive with your anger. Breathe in for 4, hold it for 7, and exhale for 8. Do this 4 times,

Advises deep breathing, as it allows you to become more concentrated and efficient.


Exercise is a fantastic mood stabilizer and way to feel more connected to the world around you,


Studies show that closing your eyes and slowing down breathing will hold feelings under balance. Beyond soothing your body and mind with deep breaths, it also improves brain performance, helping you to think more objectively and rationally through problems and emotional difficulties. Meditate frequently for a few minutes to build a good pattern of emotional control, or do it anytime you experience a panic attack.

Although it is important to address your feelings, it is vital to keep them under control and step on effectively and quickly enough that you can start enjoying your life again. When feelings affect another person, it is important to work with that person to express your thoughts well to overcome the stress. With these tips, in no time can you be back to feeling like yourself, satisfied, optimistic, and in control.

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