10 Ways that can help introverts talk and open up

1. Participate in their favourite pastimes. Introverts’ hobbies are substantially different from those of extroverts. Introverts may like alone pursuits such as reading, writing, or playing an instrument. You may spend time with them doing hobbies they enjoy and talking about something in common. 2. Ask them questions to learn about their preferences Introverts may […]

8 Discipline Strategies for Children with ADHD

You may need to take a different approach to disciplining if your child has ADHD. A few easy adjustments to your parenting practises could provide your child with the tools they need to better manage their behaviour. ADHD children may struggle to sit quietly, complete work, manage urges, and follow directions. These disciplining techniques can […]

Suicide Prevention

Understanding the risk factors, how to prevent them, and how to assist yourself or someone who is currently battling. Background on Suicide Suicide is described as the deliberate taking of one’s own life. It is derived from the Latin suicidium, which meaning “to kill oneself.” Depending on the culture, it has a variety of characteristics. […]

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