4 Easy Ways to Create a Healthier Home Environment

We agree that your wellbeing is far more than what you eat. The concept of primary food is woven into our curriculum, and it notes that your relationships, job, level of health, and hobbies all contribute to your overall well-being.

Your home setting is no exception, and it should contribute to your wellbeing and happiness rather than detract from it.

Here are 4 ways to create a healthier home environment:

  • Dust should be removed on a regular basis.

Yeah, the phthalates, the flame retardants, and the phenols! It’s best to clear dust from your home on a regular basis because it can harbor a stew of toxic chemicals. Instead of dusting with a dry mop on an uncarpeted floor, microfiber or moist towels on furniture, and your vacuum cleaner, use a wet mop on an uncarpeted floor, microfiber or moist towels on furniture, and your vacuum cleaner. This will aid in dust absorption and removal with minimal agitation.

  • Be mindful of what you buy.

Pay attention to what you purchase in the first place to avoid the accumulation of chemicals in your house. Plastics, such as those used in food containers, children’s toys, and vinyl shower curtains, have been linked to hormone disruption, behavioral changes, and even cancer in humans. Other materials, such as carpets, paint, and furniture, can emit toxic gases, and synthetic clothing can rub off and be absorbed into your skin. Of course, the purpose isn’t to stop all transactions or become paranoid, but to make more informed decisions. Where possible, use natural or organic fabrics, glass or ceramic food containers, BPA-free and non-PVC plastic, and homemade cleaning materials. And, on occasion, see if you really do need to buy something new.

  • Purchase more plants.

Houseplants are extremely beneficial to our minds, bodies, and spirits! They eliminate contaminants from the air and reduce dust accumulation, they release oxygen and humidify the air, and they also reduce stress. They also seem to boost our moods, minimize pain and discomfort, and increase our productivity and intelligence by increasing our attention span. They also make our homes look inviting, new, and clean by reminding us of nature, which creates a sense of equanimity and balance.

  • Create your own special health zones.

Since many of us share a home with others, we can’t always monitor what happens in our immediate surroundings, but you can build your own unique pockets of wellness, small spaces that simply make you feel good. A meditation corner in your bedroom, for example, may include candles, crystals, and a singing cup. You may have a special cupboard or drawer in your kitchen dedicated to your favorite superfoods, spices, and teas. In your living room, place a plush cushion next to a small table with a plant on top and some of your favorite essential oils. The idea is to build your own wellness zones and visit them when you need to re-center yourself.

Additional suggestions for a healthy home atmosphere include:

  • If you live in an area, get an air purifier.
  • Tell those you share a room with about your wellness goals.
  • Don’t bring your outdoor shoes into the house.
  • Thoroughly clean up after your pets.
  • Get rid of old messes and “piles.”
  • Allow fresh air in by opening windows on a regular basis (even in winter).

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