8 Effective Ways to Maintain a Positive Attitude During a Quarantine

Why not embrace the mindset of a simpler life and view this as an opportunity to focus on being productive, positive, and proactive in accomplishing things we may have been putting off due to busy schedules that kept us outside the home, since COVID-19 is dictating that we stay home as much as possible?

During the Coronavirus “lockdown,” here are some effective methods to stay positive and simplify your life.

1. Keep it simple!

Start by identifying a drawer, closet, crate/container, cabinet, or surface area in your home that is a constant cause of stress for you. What is it about it that makes it so tense? Is it a cluttered area? When strangers come into your home and view it, do you feel embarrassed? Remove everything from that area that you don’t desire, need, use, or enjoy. Put such objects in a box, take it out of the room, and store it in a garage, cellar, or shed where it won’t be seen. Get the box out of your house, into the trunk of your car, and delivered to an outside location if you don’t think about the contents for a month or so.

2. Call the person you’ve been putting off calling.

That one you never seem to get around to. You may be aware that it will be lengthy, so you never have enough time to dedicate to it. Perhaps you’re avoiding it because you know it’ll be emotionally draining. Now is the moment to pick up the phone and get started. Give that person your unlimited attention. Make them feel like they’re the only one on the planet. Listen to them and give them as much time as they need to speak. You never know how much they need you or how much it means to them to know you value them enough to put them first. Just go for it.

3. Complete the card you were directed to send.

You know, the one you bought a while ago with a certain individual in mind, but never got around to putting the effort into letting your pen express your feelings. We’ve become so accustomed to doing everything online and via keyboard that we’re losing sight of the lovely art of handwritten communication. You never know what’s going on in that recipient’s life, and discovering your genuine words in their mailbox could give them the boost they need to keep going. Set your computer away and go fill out that card.

4. Complete that project you’ve been meaning to work on but haven’t had the time.

You know the one that bothers you every time you look at it. It’s time to silence the nagging voice and confront it. Dig in and work on it a bit at a time until you’re done. Imagine the sense of relief and accomplishment you’ll have knowing you’ve made it all the way to the end.

5. Make the most of the quality time you’ve set aside.

Let’s be honest. When marriages are ignored, they tend to fall apart. Children mature far too quickly. Give them all your undivided attention and love. Put your electronics away and spend some time with your family playing a board game. Set aside some time to sit in your child’s room and listen to what’s going on in his or her life. Put together a jigsaw puzzle. What a wonderful opportunity to prepare a home-cooked meal from scratch, try a new dish, or make your family’s favorite dessert!

6. Clean that place that has been neglected for far too long.

Few things are more satisfying than knowing that a particular area of your home has been thoroughly cleaned, and few things may make you feel more accomplished. Break out the cleaning tools and get to work now that you have some extra time pent up inside!

7. Take a position of peaceful stillness.

Lean into the blessing of being inside your own place, where you can control the tone and ambiance, as the world outside spins out of control. Turn the volume down. Stop listening to the news 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. While staying educated is important, hearing and obsessing over every hypothetical and worst-case scenario is not. I’m not suggesting burying our heads in the sand, nor am I downplaying the gravity of COVID-19 or the harsh realism of other threats, but many of the things we fear never come to pass, and what we feed our brains has a significant impact on our personal well-being. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, pray, meditate, and express gratitude.

8. Take time to think about yourself.

When life returns to a sense of “normalcy,” use this time of inaction to examine where you are in life and discover things you need to improve. Setting objectives gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfies your desire to feel like you’ve accomplished something worthwhile.

Don’t lose hope. There are better days to come!

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