15 tips for designing a happy home

Did you know it could boost your mood in your house or apartment? You might wake up on the right side of the bed every morning with a few relaxing home decorating ideas. Read on for tips from our top interior design experts on designing a happy home and starting integrating these simple tips to build your own cheerful space.

1. Design a Happier Home with Light

Lighting is first and foremost. A successful way to enhance your house’s atmosphere is by layering light (task, accent, and ambient). Start by making it light and cheerful for your home. Incorporate warmer-toned lightbulbs for living areas (e.g. lounge and bedrooms) and cooler-toned lightbulbs in the office and toilets.

2. Design a Happier Bathroom for Your Home

The modest bathroom has become a pampering synonym for me-time. Take the opportunity to transform a mini sanctuary into your bathroom. Make this room as convenient as possible and equip it with what you need: book counter, wine glass, or candles-you name it! The prettier, the more relaxed. Inside this small room, go wild and try some of your favourite ideas for relaxing home décor.

3. The Secret to Relaxing Home Décor Ideas: Just Add Plants

Want to know how, on a budget, to decorate a happy home? Add fresh plants! In no time can some greenery turn a cold apartment into a rejuvenating sanctuary. Not only can plants make a house feel more homely, but plants can also filter the air, and plants can increase oxygen levels.

4. Neaten Your Tranquil Home & Décor

The removal of clutter is a sure way to design a comfortable house. Objects not only physically occupy space, but also take root in your mind. Go beyond tidying yourself up. Evaluate the furniture and décor of all the things in your house. Then keep only those things that offer you pleasure and serve a purpose. You’ll free up prime real estate for more movement if you let go of what serves no purpose.

5. Design a Happier Room Plan for Your Home

There is no way around it; the layout of your room matters. An inferior room plan leads to negative energies, according to Feng Shui. In the bedroom, test out Feng Shui’s concepts to see if you feel different or sleep better.

But to know that an interior’s layout affects how you live in that room, you do not need to be an energy expert. If your house has a practical design, then living in it would be a joy. Although a cluttered, impractical room is overwhelming, it’s probably only going to annoy you. By simply perfecting your room layout, you will build a happier home.

6. Designate A Private Happy Space

To improve your mood, you sometimes need more than some quiet home décor. That’s where it comes to a happy bed. For your relaxing escape, devote an area in your house to space or a quiet corner. Here, in a style that promotes your happiness, you can take time to make the room super comfortable. Create whatever you need for a little break to recharge your batteries, be it a cosy reading nook or a minimalist meditation zone. Create whatever you need for a bit of break to recharge your batteries, be it a comfortable reading nook or a minimalist meditation zone.

7. Choose a Signature Home Scent

If you want to learn how to decorate a happy home, all the senses, including the smell, will delight you. Give a signature scent to your home – think sweet, fruity, woody, or minty. Whenever you smell the unique odour of your house, only because of the positive connotations associated with the smell, you should anticipate a mood boost. All the right ways to add aromatic loveliness are candles, diffusers, and incense sticks.

8. Maximize Sunlight to Highlight Tranquil Home Decor

Have you ever wondered why sunny days make you feel happy? Well, that’s thanks to the brain’s response to sunlight. Sun exposure triggers the hormone serotonin, which improves mood and helps us to focus.
So, make the days better by making the most natural light that falls through the windows. Mimic the glow with warm white lighting, or double natural light with mirrors, if you don’t have access to a lot of sunlight. To brighten your home, even more, use design tips like putting mirrors opposite a window. And instead of thick drapes, opt for restricted window dressing like sheer curtains.

9. Welcome Personal Touches

You are giving personality to your house! By showing off things that you love most, put your stamp on your interior. Arrange those precious souvenirs, photographs, or quirky collector’s items where you can enjoy them. But keep it neat by displaying just one or two things at a time and swapping them for a quick refresh in the room.

10. Get a Cleaning Routine

Often, clean up. Indeed, living in a clean and tidy home would bring you more pleasure than remaining in a mess. On a productive note, if you start your day, tell you to make your bed, you are giving yourself a concentration boost. Plus, when you are about to turn in, you’ll be happy to see an entirely made bed. Besides, hire a cleaner or cleaning services for deep cleaning periodically is a good way to keep your home clean inside out.

11. Add Visual Structure

Life is messy and unpredictable sometimes. Luckily, with structure at home, you can fight tension and insecurity. Design a happier home by making the most of the symmetry and vignettes’ calming effects. Arrange the furniture in groups of three or five, and it doesn’t have to be flawless to be playful! For example, for aesthetic interest, position two similar shaped objects next to something completely different.

12. Let Go of What Doesn’t Serve You (and Keep What Makes You Happy)

How to decorate a happy home doesn’t just rely on the addition of things. It is sometimes by the removal of the unnecessary. Take time for everything you possess to go through. If you feel awkward, sad or dissatisfied about something, get rid of it.

If it’s practical or pleasing, anything you decide to hold within your home must serve some reason. Sell or donate those things you’ve outgrown and no longer need. You’ll undoubtedly feel lighter. Besides, less clutter means less needless worrying!

13. Create Visual Excitement

Play with relaxing ideas for home decoration that combine pattern and texture. Everyday life also causes us to lose contact with our senses, so it is essential at home to add stimulation. Mix it up with various textiles, some silky, some rough, and a soothing home decor rich in colour. Never stop trying new combinations-just what you need could be velvet and burlap!

14. Focus on Color to Design a Happier Home

Colour, from our mood to levels of productivity, can influence our mental states. Some tones can raise our spirits, others can calm us down, and some may be oppressive. Go with what makes you feel good if you want to know which colours will work best for your happy interior. It seems to be the colours that you are drawn to. Take a look at your favourite shoes, suits, and interiors that you love.

15. Add White to Your Relaxing Home Decorating Ideas

White, thanks to its positives connotations, can bring lightness into a home, literally as it bounces light, and figuratively. In addition, light walls are a smart interior trick that can make space feel roomier than it is. But, as some may feel strong, make sure you pick a tone that suits your home. A lovely backdrop will be the perfect colour, allowing your most cherished items to take centre stage.

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